Diptych, Pencil, A5 Moleskine Diary.

Time Consuming. Life Consuming.

Too much going on. Took ages to do. But happy I committed to all that detail.


This is one of my favorite sketches I’ve done in my book. I enjoy the contrast between a full bleed page next to a very sparse central drawing.



Sketchbook stuff


Stuff from the sketchbook.

Totally slipped off the ball again, sorry. Here’s a couple of things from my moleskine.

Recent sketches.

A couple of new drawings. Sorry I haven’t posted in so long!

Happy Holidays!

Sorry the blogs been a bit inactive for the past wee while. These couple of months have been hectic. Have an absolute pile of sketches to scan from my last moleskine. Yes that’s right. I actually completed a new years resolution and finished a whole sketchbook! Really glad to have a short break at the […]


From my sketchbook


Is awesome. I went to the museum a few weeks ago and drew some of the taxidermy animals they had on display in the natural history section. Click for larger image.


Click for larger image


More Sketching

Sorry I haven’t updated in a while. Got carried away with Instagram – Heaps easier to update on there so I got slack with updating the blog and the site. Have been drawing a lot so I will try to update a bit more frequently. If you do have instagram or twitter follow me! my […]

Hey Allison!

I just drew Allison, she has a cool photo blog of her adventures. check it out here. I’ve been wanting to start drawing some people I kinda know, the fear of getting it wrong / making someone look bad makes for good motivation to get it right! (hopefully) Here’s the finished result – click to […]

Inked Girl with Glasses

Yep. can’t stop drawing girls with tattoos

Inked Girl

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while! Hopefully I’ll be more regular from now on

Waiting for the Bus

I like to draw while waiting / riding the bus

Sketch on set.

Last week I was on set doing some behind the scenes stuff for a TV Commercial, there’s some down time waiting for things to start happening like lights and camera’s being set up, hair and makeup for talent. I drew this in between filming.