Weekend Away = Giant blog post.

Last weekend, a couple of good friends and I went away to Omaha / Leigh. We chilled in the sun. Then when night fell, we dressed to the 9′s and became dancing maniacs at the Leigh Sawmill Cafe. What was there? Kitty, Daisy & Lewis! & Heart Attack Alley who were a GREAT opening act. […]


Taken ages ago at my friends house. I’m not sure why I like it, but I do.

Random snaps

Just some experimenting with long exposure – for the sake of actually using my camera! Not that great but the lights are kinda freaky

WRC Photography

Sorry for the lack of posts lately! Was trying to get some time together to sort through the 500 or so photos I took at the WRC (thats World Rally Championship) when it came to town in New Zealand. I’ve been going to the rally for a while now, and its sort of become tradition […]

Old photo.

Just found this photo I took in 2005 on a small 3mp point and shoot. It was taken at around 5 or 6am from the edge of the water in Kawhia, by a Marae (That’s Maori for ‘meeting house’) we stayed for a few days while at Uni. I remember this morning well, Stayed up […]

Goodbye Sunrise

This is the view from the deck at sunrise. The sky had some cool colours going on so I took a photo while half asleep. Moving out this week, so this will be the last shot from home! But I’ll try to be more productive with the camera at the new place. Promise!

The Lantern Festival

Great timing for me to get my camera! The lantern festival was this weekend so I went along with some friends to get some photos. These are my first ever photos with this camera, so bear with me. Still learning! Shot with a Canon 7D and 50mm f1.8 II Lens

New Toy!

Just picked this up today, probably the best hangover cure. So excited, can’t wait for my lenses to arrive so I can get snapping!