Katy Perry

Finished the picture today! Pretty happy with the outcome. Click on the picture for larger version

Katy – Work in Progress

Kinda enjoying painting with a Tablet, so decided to try something a bit more complex.


Been sick this week, managed to stay awake for a couple hours last night to finish this. zzzz

Epiphany (in progress)

This weekend I picked up a paintbrush for the first time in MONTHS. I had lost my desire to paint for a while, mainly because I felt like I was technically not where I wanted to be in terms of skill level. But then I had a moment of clarity. With my other painting I […]

Rough and tumble

Started to lay down some rough colours for my poster cause submission. I want to try something new with this one, different style of colouring. Maybe a little bit more expressive than usual with my strokes.

Poster in progress

Sneak preview: Rush poster job for a battle of the ad bands. hopefully I can finish this in time! Colouring done in Adobe Photoshop with a Wacom Bamboo Tablet