Self Portrait

Finished this self portrait a while back too. Sorry.. It’s hard keeping on top of online stuff at times so looks like I’m going back through old stuff to catch up with where I’m at these days.


Finished these dog portrait commissions a while ago. They’ve gone to Sydney! Both 10″ x 10″ Oil on canvas. Kuma: Koko:

‘Window Seat’

Just finished this painting last night. It seems like it took a while but I actually blasted through it pretty quick. I lost motivation for a while and didn’t pick up a brush for a month so it dragged on for another month or so, when in reality it really took a few weeks. Oil […]


I just finished this small 10″ x 10″ canvas of Olive for Bec Winnel. Met Bec in person for the first time today at the Semi Permanent conference. She is really rad and super nice too! So if you’re heading to the show this weekend, make sure you come see her talk about her work […]


New painting series underway: WIP

Work in progress. Started on a new painting last week. This is the first one in the series; I guess I’ll keep going for a while til I find some ideas that are working and the idea can’t be explored anymore. Here’s a shot of some progress thus far.


Just finished this painting of Melanie Laurent last night. Pretty Happy with it, definitely my best work in terms of technical ability so far. I learnt a lot while painting this piece. The only thing I’m not super happy with is the colouring. Really need to work on being able to mix colours more accurately. […]

New Painting in Progress

Recently I started a new painting. It’s a portrait study of Melanie Laurent from the movie ‘Inglorious Basterds’. I’ve been using it as a chance to practice some new techniques while not really concentrating too hard on subject matter. I was more interested in getting tones correct to show form of the face and sharpening […]


Finally finished this painting last night of Marcelle from I’m pretty happy with the outcome of this one, possibly the first piece of work I’ve done that I’ve been really satisfied with. Acrylics are so hard to work with after you’ve started using oils though. 600 x 450 mm Acrylic on Canvas.


All finished! Remember it will be on display this Saturday at the ‘Beauty meets the Bizarre’ group show until December 2. Come to the opening and hang out! Oil on wood panel. 600 x 450 mm.

I’m in a Group Painting Show!

Hey all, I’ll be participating in a group painting show and it will be on the 19th November 2011. This is awesome because A) I’ve never been in a real painting show before. And B) I’ve had a huge amount of motivation to paint. The looming deadline has really helped! and C) I will get […]

Self-Portrait Progress.

Sorry I haven’t really updated in about a month. Starting to get pretty busy so trying to find the time to do some personal stuff is a bit hard right now. But I’ll have some stuff in the works very soon! Here’s a closeup shot of my face. Taken with Instagram. Are you on instagram? […]

Thing’s I’ve learnt so far

So Yesterday was my birthday and I now I’m a quarter century years old. Thought I should make a post and reflect on some things I’ve learnt on my short time on Earth. These are my views only and may not apply to anyone else so please take with a grain of salt! This post […]

Red & Blue

Been teaching myself to paint with oil lately.

Marcelle – WIP

Painting in progress. Almost there! Acrylic on Canvas. You might be wondering why I’ve been only doing realistic portraits lately instead of my usual style, but I feel like I need to evolve my style and my technical ability before I can really put some of my ideas into paintings. Portraiture has been really helpful […]


Here’s the final finished mural I just completed for motion graphics company Waxeye. What a mammoth task! Largest scale work I’ve worked on. Learnt a few things – such as how long something so big will take. haha. Anyway here it is. Click on the image for a larger version!

Detail – Toad

More WIP screenshot

Bird close up

More progress

Slowly getting there! It’s turning into a huge file and slowing my computer down

Big digital painting in progress.

Got a cool commissioned job to work on. Massive file though almost 10,000px wide! here’s a SMALL snippet of it, that I’ve started on. Should keep me busy for a fair wee while. and a detail of the fish,