Sorry for the slackness in updates folks! Will try to update a bit more. PS Save the Date as I have my debut solo exhibition on November 1st at Off the Kerb Gallery in Melbourne. A3 Prints have sold out, but there are still a4 ones available. Individually signed and numbered too!

I’m Back!

Hey all, Sorry, had a few technical issues with my blog getting hacked by badware unfortunately. Which meant there wasn’t any point in updating til it was resolved. But now it’s been fixed and I’m back which means more frequent updates! I’m over on instagram: @saminthewolf – I post a lot more progress shots of […]

T-Shirts are available!

The first run of T-Shirts are now available. Stocks are limited at this point in time so get in quick. There are 2 prints available. Here’s a small pic. You can see the larger versions further back in my blog. & here’s what they look like on the shirts. Excuse the bad photos & crinkly […]

Coming Soon…

It’s taken a while, but finally got off my behind and got A into G and have just made some tees. Anyway, I’m proud to announce WOLFRIK clothing! Coming soon.

Rifles – 26th May

Gig posters are fun to do. Usually because you can draw the weirdest shit and noone really blinks an eyelid. Anyway, My good friend Thom Brown is in this band called “Rifles”. They are really great. So if you’re down in Wellington on the 26th of May, you should check them out.

Happy Holidays!

Sorry the blogs been a bit inactive for the past wee while. These couple of months have been hectic. Have an absolute pile of sketches to scan from my last moleskine. Yes that’s right. I actually completed a new years resolution and finished a whole sketchbook! Really glad to have a short break at the […]


All finished! Remember it will be on display this Saturday at the ‘Beauty meets the Bizarre’ group show until December 2. Come to the opening and hang out! Oil on wood panel. 600 x 450 mm.

I’m in a Group Painting Show!

Hey all, I’ll be participating in a group painting show and it will be on the 19th November 2011. This is awesome because A) I’ve never been in a real painting show before. And B) I’ve had a huge amount of motivation to paint. The looming deadline has really helped! and C) I will get […]

Self-Portrait Progress.

Sorry I haven’t really updated in about a month. Starting to get pretty busy so trying to find the time to do some personal stuff is a bit hard right now. But I’ll have some stuff in the works very soon! Here’s a closeup shot of my face. Taken with Instagram. Are you on instagram? […]

Rescue – Up for Charity Auction!

Good Morning everyone! I’ve just finished my piece to auction for The Easel Project . We will be launching the start of the campaign in a couple of weeks so stay tuned to see how you can bid for this! It is A4, pencil drawing on paper, and framed in black. If you like it, […]

The Easel Project

Hey guys, You might be thinking, where have you been, and why haven’t you been drawing? Well the reason I’ve been pretty quiet is because I’ve been secretly working on a project with my friend Tiga at Infinity Web to fundraise some money to donate to the Christchurch earthquake relief efforts. I’m very pleased to […]

Ghost Ship – Finished. AARGH!

Finished! pretty happy with it so far. Now to get on to the boring stuff!

Ghost Ship – Sneak Peak

Sorry guys, been hiding away trying to sort out my life, where I want things to go. And trying to clear away some work before I start fresh. Exciting stuff is on the way though I promise! Anyway here’s a drawing I’ve been working on, coming to a tee-shirt near you! (Still not finished yet)

Shoes. I bought some.


Cards have arrived!

Pretty darn happy with the result, I kind of wish there was a heavier paper stock but I really can’t complain. Liking the overgloss too. Class

It’s the first day of Spring…

And the first day of the rest of my life. I finally feel alive!

Battle of the Ad Bands 2010

Just finished the poster for the 2010 Battle of the Ad Bands. Its a battle of the bands for advertising agencies. We won last year so we got the chance to design the promo material. I jump at the chance to make music posters! Basically its a giant fight between characters from different and current […]


Simon from the band ‘Midnight Youth’ contacted me today and sent this photo. Their album went platinum, and now my work is immortalised forever in a plaque! Yay.

New Toy!

Just picked this up today, probably the best hangover cure. So excited, can’t wait for my lenses to arrive so I can get snapping!

Feature on Disco Underworld

Hey everyone, Got a feature / interview on an online magazine called Disco Underworld. Check it out! and please leave a comment because the articles with most comments get submitted for print and P.S will put some new progress up soon!