This is one of my favorite sketches I’ve done in my book. I enjoy the contrast between a full bleed page next to a very sparse central drawing.


Sketchbook stuff

Rifles – 26th May

Gig posters are fun to do. Usually because you can draw the weirdest shit and noone really blinks an eyelid. Anyway, My good friend Thom Brown is in this band called “Rifles”. They are really great. So if you’re down in Wellington on the 26th of May, you should check them out.

Recent sketches.

A couple of new drawings. Sorry I haven’t posted in so long!

Happy Holidays!

Sorry the blogs been a bit inactive for the past wee while. These couple of months have been hectic. Have an absolute pile of sketches to scan from my last moleskine. Yes that’s right. I actually completed a new years resolution and finished a whole sketchbook! Really glad to have a short break at the […]

Red & Blue

Been teaching myself to paint with oil lately.


Hey Allison!

I just drew Allison, she has a cool photo blog of her adventures. check it out here. I’ve been wanting to start drawing some people I kinda know, the fear of getting it wrong / making someone look bad makes for good motivation to get it right! (hopefully) Here’s the finished result – click to […]


Here’s the final finished mural I just completed for motion graphics company Waxeye. What a mammoth task! Largest scale work I’ve worked on. Learnt a few things – such as how long something so big will take. haha. Anyway here it is. Click on the image for a larger version!

Rescue – Up for Charity Auction!

Good Morning everyone! I’ve just finished my piece to auction for The Easel Project . We will be launching the start of the campaign in a couple of weeks so stay tuned to see how you can bid for this! It is A4, pencil drawing on paper, and framed in black. If you like it, […]

Detail – Toad

More WIP screenshot

Bird close up

More progress

Slowly getting there! It’s turning into a huge file and slowing my computer down

Big digital painting in progress.

Got a cool commissioned job to work on. Massive file though almost 10,000px wide! here’s a SMALL snippet of it, that I’ve started on. Should keep me busy for a fair wee while. and a detail of the fish,

Inked Girl with Glasses

Yep. can’t stop drawing girls with tattoos

Inked Girl

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while! Hopefully I’ll be more regular from now on

Waiting for the Bus

I like to draw while waiting / riding the bus

Sketch on set.

Last week I was on set doing some behind the scenes stuff for a TV Commercial, there’s some down time waiting for things to start happening like lights and camera’s being set up, hair and makeup for talent. I drew this in between filming.

Weekend Away = Giant blog post.

Last weekend, a couple of good friends and I went away to Omaha / Leigh. We chilled in the sun. Then when night fell, we dressed to the 9′s and became dancing maniacs at the Leigh Sawmill Cafe. What was there? Kitty, Daisy & Lewis! & Heart Attack Alley who were a GREAT opening act. […]