Sorry for the slackness in updates folks! Will try to update a bit more. PS Save the Date as I have my debut solo exhibition on November 1st at Off the Kerb Gallery in Melbourne. A3 Prints have sold out, but there are still a4 ones available. Individually signed and numbered too!

Kraken II (Process)

I thought I’d cover this sketch a little more closely on the blog as I think it turned out more successfully then I thought it would, had a lot of composition issues because I went and started without any thought or idea where things would go. Stream of consciousness for the most part. I actually […]

A tribute to “Fables”

I saw this scene from a concept drawing of Fables that never made it, so I decided to redraw and rework it in my own aesthetic. Really enjoying this graphic novel series.


Terrible Photo. Oh well. I think I’ll turn this one into a larger painting.


Again, I apologize for linking an instagram picture

La Familia

Enjoying this daylight after work to sit in the sun and draw! Thinking of turning this sketch into a larger scale painting too.



Snake Pretzel


Is awesome! Updates have been slow as lately sorry. I’ve been trying to spend most of my time exploring the city and off the computer (seeing as my days are spent on the computer) and painting as much as possible when I get home.


Just finished this drawing of Aayla Mae. She’s an amazing model AND super cool.

“Lorde” (hunt / gather)

Color Pencil on Bristol Paper, A3


The horse man cometh. P.S It’s my Birthday! Will probably start a new Self-Portrait soon





A4, Pencil on Paper.


A4, Pencil on Paper.


A4, Pen on Paper. For Sale! email me at if you’re interested.

The Quick Brown Fox

Just finished this. A4, Pen on Paper. Original framed drawing for sale.


A4, Pen on Paper. Sold, and is going to Arizona, USA!

Time Consuming. Life Consuming.

Too much going on. Took ages to do. But happy I committed to all that detail.