The Falsities of (anti)Social Media & (what you don’t see)

Every single day on every social media platform you log in and see people doing great things, people eating nice food, people having drinks at a cool bar, people generally having a great time. This leads me to question: “Are people’s lives this exciting all the time?” I feel like Social media has created this […]

Kraken II (Process)

I thought I’d cover this sketch a little more closely on the blog as I think it turned out more successfully then I thought it would, had a lot of composition issues because I went and started without any thought or idea where things would go. Stream of consciousness for the most part. I actually […]

Change / Growth

My New Years resolution this year was to take more risks and have more fun. As well as my usual resolution of filling up a sketchbook. Well, I’ve had heaps of fun, already filled up one and a half Moleskines this year, so that leaves us with: “take more risks” So……I’m moving to Melbourne next […]

Finding your own style: The internal struggle

At the time of writing this, I’m sitting at my desk. Really wanting to paint. I started a painting last night, but not really happy with it. I guess mostly because of the image, but also it’s frustrating me that I haven’t really developed a style that is intrinsically ‘ME’. There’s a lot of elements […]

The importance of #community.

It can be pretty tough at times being a one man band. The past couple months have been pretty hard, low on motivation , inspiration, creativity and feelings of ‘What am I doing with myself?’ But after Semi-Permanent this past week, I’ve come to realise how important it is to be surrounded by like-minded people. […]

Talent vs Skill

A topic I’ve been meaning to discuss for a while is Talent versus Skill. It kind of irks me when someone mentions talent, because it sort of implies that you haven’t worked hard for your ability. I know it’s always used as a compliment, but really SKILL is what really should be acknowledged. But what’s […]

Thing’s I’ve learnt so far

So Yesterday was my birthday and I now I’m a quarter century years old. Thought I should make a post and reflect on some things I’ve learnt on my short time on Earth. These are my views only and may not apply to anyone else so please take with a grain of salt! This post […]

‘Is Advertising Art?’

I saw this point brought up the other day by Designstein, and it really got me thinking. Having worked in both realms (I currently contract to advertising agencies as a designer / illustrator, and worked full time at one before that) I pondered this question to myself. A point that came up during this conversation […]