Kraken II (Process)

kraken ii

I thought I’d cover this sketch a little more closely on the blog as I think it turned out more successfully then I thought it would, had a lot of composition issues because I went and started without any thought or idea where things would go. Stream of consciousness for the most part. I actually drew a lot of it whilst sitting on a plane, and the rest while sitting on trams / trains here in Melbourne.

I started with the eye on this page, then didn’t really know what to do with it. My process is usually like this; draw first, think later. So naturally I finished my set (NZ’rs will know that reference) drew a giant octopus thing around it.

Then once I find a central ‘theme’ of the drawing I add in rough outlines and shapes very lightly to get a feel of the composition, and then start adding in tone and detail from the left side of the page to the right (this is only something I’ve done recently to avoid smudging the drawing)


Adding in more detail

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