The importance of #community.

It can be pretty tough at times being a one man band. The past couple months have been pretty hard, low on motivation , inspiration, creativity and feelings of ‘What am I doing with myself?’ But after Semi-Permanent this past week, I’ve come to realise how important it is to be surrounded by like-minded people. These past few days have been truly spectacular and a dream come true. Massive thanks to all the people who organised Semi-Permanent. I left feeling refreshed, re-energised, motivated, and inspired. As well as meeting so many great new people. I also had the absolute pleasure of hanging out with the amazing Bec Winnel & Benja Harney. And to top it all off the super lovely Kelli Anderson and boyfriend Dan (Who is also a designer and music junkie) were both so kind to have dinner with me last night. It makes me think how lucky we are to be in an industry where the people that inspire us so much and we look up to are so down to earth, still have time for everyone and are happy to share such wisdom & experience. It gives us all something to aspire to be.

But it’s not just about connecting with the people at the top of the international industry as well either. Just meeting fellow local creative types has really opened my eyes to the amount of local talent and that there are others just like myself who are passionate about being creative and doing what we love most (I’m not alone!). I know now the importance of this sense of community and that we should all try to foster these relationships with our peers. Why? Because freelancers like myself, probably more often than not get stuck in a routine of undertaking everything on their own. One job after another like a production line. If we connect with others, we can bounce ideas off each other, get feedback and improve on our work through some critiquing from an objective eye. By the way; Networking SUCKS. Don’t approach people with a “What can this person do for me?” or “Where can this person take me?” attitude, but seek a genuine connection and hopefully you will both benefit from it! Which brings me to the next point of the importance of community: Collaboration. On your own you may be working away and miss out on ideas that could work. When working with others, the unexpected can happen, and you may come up with something truly amazing. Two (or more) heads are better than one. (See mythical beast ‘Hydra’).

A couple of friends and I have started a weekly drawing night, where we get together at a cafe, draw and talk smack. It’s seriously the best thing ever and something I look forward to every week because I get to chill with people who love the same thing I do, and are super passionate about it too. That’s the thing, passion & motivation are very contagious things, and being around people who are passionate about the same thing as you will surely rub off on you if you’re feeling a little unmotivated.

Anyway, I hope you got something out of that post. If you’re local (or not local) I’d like to hear from you! Let’s make the industry a little more close-knit. I want to know YOU. So feel free to drop me a line: or @saminthewolf on twitter / instagram.

I’ll leave you with this quick (terrible) scribble I did on the blackboard of a quote by Florian Schmitt from Semi-Permanent.

P.S Sorry if you were misled by the title, this post has nothing to do with the hit TV series, apart from the fact I’m going to say that I really like it.

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  1. Paperform says:

    Great to meet you too Sam!
    Thanks for the origami stegosaurus – he is sitting on my desk as I type.
    Share the love and keep that community tight YO!
    Drop me a line if you hit Sydney any time.

  2. Sam says:

    Yay thanks Bec :) <3

    No worries Benja, agreed! Will be in touch, and ditto ..if you’re ever over here again let me know!

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