I’m in a Group Painting Show!

Hey all,

I’ll be participating in a group painting show and it will be on the 19th November 2011. This is awesome because A) I’ve never been in a real painting show before. And B) I’ve had a huge amount of motivation to paint. The looming deadline has really helped! and C) I will get to meet up with 14 other awesome artists and check out their work too.

Opening Night: From 3PM Saturday, November 19 – with live music on the day

The show is at:
The Depot Artspace
28 Clarence St
Auckland 0624

So anyway it would be cool if you’re in Auckland then to check it out, come hang out, have a chat and a drink together.

Here’s a work in progress shot of the piece I will be showing. I’m excited to say that it will be the first in a entirely new body of work.


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