The Easel Project

Hey guys,

You might be thinking, where have you been, and why haven’t you been drawing?
Well the reason I’ve been pretty quiet is because I’ve been secretly working on a project with my friend Tiga at Infinity Web to fundraise some money to donate to the Christchurch earthquake relief efforts.

I’m very pleased to say that Part One of ‘The Easel Project’ has started! It’s only a blog right now, but we should have a proper website soon. We will be auctioning art to raise money to help the people of Christchurch rebuild their lives.

It would be cool if you could read up, and start sharing, tweeting, reblogging, shouting from rooftops, smoke signals, etc. If you are an artist and are thinking of being involved please contact me, or if you know anyone in media that could help promote this campaign then please forward them to me.

Check back soon for updates, and the launch of the website.

Thanks for listening!

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