Weekend Away = Giant blog post.

Last weekend, a couple of good friends and I went away to Omaha / Leigh. We chilled in the sun. Then when night fell, we dressed to the 9′s and became dancing maniacs at the Leigh Sawmill Cafe. What was there? Kitty, Daisy & Lewis! & Heart Attack Alley who were a GREAT opening act. Sad to hear that their mother was ill and couldn’t play the show though.
Did you go one of their shows? What did you think??
I had the BEST time. Lots of sun, sand, water, beer and great music.

Oh I also did some drawing.

…I’ll start with photos of our trip! P.S all photo credit goes to my friend Matt.

Omaha Wharf

Ready to party. Shoes that dance you.

I was super mesmerised by Daisy on the drums. So much energy!

OH… Did I mention that we met Lewis afterwards? :-)

What are your favourite songs? Did they play yours? I was slightly disappointed they didn’t play ‘Mohair Sam’ haha. But they did play my favourite which is ‘Baby (hold me tight)’

And here are some of the drawings I did in my sketch book while I was relaxing in the sun.

I keep drawing things in circles made of plant matter. I don’t know why.

Wasn’t totally sober for this one..

Drew some letters.

There’s a couple more drawings I might re-work and then post up later.

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