Consumer Culture – ‘Ring’ Explained

Hmmm, I don’t usually like to explain the meaning of my stuff, but this has been on my mind a bit.

Consumerism and Capitalism. The Race for Wealth. Money. Things. Objects. Products. Materialism. I’m over it. When did the world become so fixated with money, objects, commodity, and other things of only material value? Moving out of home reminded me of how little you actually need to survive (and still be pretty comfortable)

I have to admit that sometimes I can’t help but be a consumer. Cool art books, art supplies and Camera equipment are my latest vices. I justify buying art books as helping other artists in the community continue doing what they love! :p ahah

I saw a news story about people who raise their kids as mini socialites. Designer clothes that they will outgrow in a few months. It makes me think about what will they be like when they’re older? they won’t have a chance. What will they value? Who’s fault is it? Media? TV? Constant pressure to be perfect and have all the best things? I often wonder when success started being measured by how big your house was and how big your bank account is. Maybe I’m just jealous because I’m an average wage earner. Who Knows.

Advertising. products BAM in your face. Every day, Everywhere. Sometimes I wonder what the world would be like if we didn’t run on a capitalist system. Imagine artwork on all billboard spaces. Someone’s photography made HUGE without some sort of lame message and branding. Ahh I’m just a dreamer.

Anyway, so I drew ‘Ring’ around these thoughts. I was wondering why people placed so much importance / fascination / desire with precious metals, and stones like diamonds and gold. Other things in nature are just as beautiful too! flowers, trees, plants, animals are just as amazing in my eyes. I guess you can’t put a tree around your finger because they are more temporal than gold. But yeah just a thought. Just wanted to make people think twice about what’s important.

Thats off my chest. I’m signing off!


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  1. Mojito says:

    I don’t feel that this is what this ring about… controversially to what you may have said above. I feel that this is more than that. Sometimes it feels that way and then your feelings feel so shallow (from the environment you work in) it’s hard to think that what is real in the world. But for me, what you’ve drawn above is about the fullest of commitment regardless of if you give it to someone or if you feel that it should be given to someone. It’s a giving of yourself to draw something and post it (give it, show it)… sometimes that’s the hardest to do.

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