WRC Photography

Sorry for the lack of posts lately! Was trying to get some time together to sort through the 500 or so photos I took at the WRC (thats World Rally Championship) when it came to town in New Zealand.

I’ve been going to the rally for a while now, and its sort of become tradition to go every time it comes back to NZ. (Sadly its only every two years now) So I thought it would be a good opportunity to actually use my camera!

Funnily enough I think my favourite photos weren’t of the cars at all.

Oh and sorry for the over processing, I got bored and discovered photoshop actions. Haha.

Anyway, what I was meant to take photos of:

Daniel Sordo

I ended up enjoying taking photos of random things more though. Helicopters, Diggers, People. Haha.



I like how this next shot looks like theres a giant crucifix coming out of the caravan. Kinda spooky





2 Responses to “WRC Photography”

  1. Allison says:

    Nice photos! The last one is my favorite. Whats up with that van? Was it just abandoned or something? It is pretty creepy..

  2. Sam says:

    Thanks Allison!

    Yeah there were two, right on the corner that the cars were just flying around. The rally is held on private roads around rural areas of NZ. I guess abandoned buildings, sheds and that are quite common around those areas.

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