Old photo.

Just found this photo I took in 2005 on a small 3mp point and shoot.

It was taken at around 5 or 6am from the edge of the water in Kawhia, by a Marae (That’s Maori for ‘meeting house’) we stayed for a few days while at Uni. I remember this morning well, Stayed up all night from the previous evenings antics (tried to run away from the bus because we wanted to stay at the pub longer – later found by our lecturers driving past as we tried to jump into shrubbery. Got back to camp and couldn’t go back to sleep so I layed down on the bank in my sleeping bag and watched the sun come up over the water.

Anyway. It was a beautiful place and I’d like to go back for a visit.

Not a great photo but holds a lot of value

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