The Falsities of (anti)Social Media & (what you don’t see)

Every single day on every social media platform you log in and see people doing great things, people eating nice food, people having drinks at a cool bar, people generally having a great time. This leads me to question: “Are people’s lives this exciting all the time?”

I feel like Social media has created this hyper-real world that it seems like everyone’s lives ARE exciting all the time, and there’s a real pressure there for your life to be equally as wonderful and charmed as everyone around you and that creates this never ending cycle. I don’t think that this world has been formed on purpuse, but people generally don’t put up photos of crappy things happening to them right? We now live in an endless sea of bathroom selfies – Pictures of ourselves which taken so many times over from myspace angles we become disassociated with our own image and lose our own meaning. Much like saying a word over and over again so many times over that it sounds strange and loses it’s meaning and becomes just a sound. (The word analogy by Radiolab) Maybe I’m thinking it over too much. There’s a lot of narcissism everywhere and I’d like to see content sharing changed for the better. So please link me cool things you have seen, things I can learn about, what’s going on in the world.

Sometimes Social Media is more like Anti-Social Media. Real conversation is dying, at least once a day you will hear ‘Did you see what ________ posted on __facebook/twitter/instagram___ yesterday?’. It has really killed the magic of “catching up” with someone properly because you’ve seen all the status updates, seen everything from what they had for breakfast to what they listened to waiting at the train station and what train station they just checked into.

YES I’m guilty of adding to this hyper-real amazing world occasionally – I guess this year has led me to some pretty cool opportunities, but what I want everyone to know is that behind every small victory there are countless hours of battle and hard work. I want to dispel the illusion of the excitement of life that the internet portrays. In reality, my every day life is pretty boring. There, I said it. (if you want a summary every day goes like this: wake-up>draw>work>eat>work>eat>draw>draw>sleep>repeat – pretty fucking mundane yeah?)

What you don’t see behind the scenes of a ‘this awesome thing happened to me’ status update or a ‘look at what im doing’ retro-filtered photo are the countless late nights and early starts you have to put in before & after a 9 hour day job. I’ve even forced myself to drink coffee so I can sit inside a cafe for an hour before work to get some drawing done every day. Good luck and opportunity are really 99% hard work and your work ethic determines what you get out of life. So get out there, put some hours into what you love.

Take those status updates with a grain of salt. And don’t get me wrong, I love tools like instagram and twitter because they’re tools which let you connect directly with people you really admire and are inspired by, maybe inspire others and sometimes people do post interesting things. Just be selective with what you put on the internet, it stays there for a while.

- Sam


Sorry for the slackness in updates folks!

Will try to update a bit more. PS Save the Date as I have my debut solo exhibition on November 1st at Off the Kerb Gallery in Melbourne.

A3 Prints have sold out, but there are still a4 ones available. Individually signed and numbered too!


Kraken II (Process)

kraken ii

I thought I’d cover this sketch a little more closely on the blog as I think it turned out more successfully then I thought it would, had a lot of composition issues because I went and started without any thought or idea where things would go. Stream of consciousness for the most part. I actually drew a lot of it whilst sitting on a plane, and the rest while sitting on trams / trains here in Melbourne.

I started with the eye on this page, then didn’t really know what to do with it. My process is usually like this; draw first, think later. So naturally I finished my set (NZ’rs will know that reference) drew a giant octopus thing around it.

Then once I find a central ‘theme’ of the drawing I add in rough outlines and shapes very lightly to get a feel of the composition, and then start adding in tone and detail from the left side of the page to the right (this is only something I’ve done recently to avoid smudging the drawing)


Adding in more detail


doodling around, trying new things.

A tribute to “Fables”

I saw this scene from a concept drawing of Fables that never made it, so I decided to redraw and rework it in my own aesthetic. Really enjoying this graphic novel series.



Terrible Photo. Oh well. I think I’ll turn this one into a larger painting.


Again, I apologize for linking an instagram picture

I’m Back!

Hey all,

Sorry, had a few technical issues with my blog getting hacked by badware unfortunately. Which meant there wasn’t any point in updating til it was resolved. But now it’s been fixed and I’m back which means more frequent updates!

I’m over on instagram: @saminthewolf – I post a lot more progress shots of work if you’re interested in that kind of stuff. I’d like to post more writing here so that’s something you might see more of this year (if I have the time of course)

So now to back-track what I’ve been up to over the last couple of months!

I got to do a T-shirt design in collaboration with Threaded Magazine and Billabong NZ – which I will get a photo of soon, my first painting commission going over to the USA and also hopefully submitting to a couple of group shows in the next couple months. Exciting!

Here’s something I did a while ago from my sketchbook :


La Familia

Enjoying this daylight after work to sit in the sun and draw!

Thinking of turning this sketch into a larger scale painting too.



Snake Pretzel


Is awesome! Updates have been slow as lately sorry. I’ve been trying to spend most of my time exploring the city and off the computer (seeing as my days are spent on the computer) and painting as much as possible when I get home.


Just finished this drawing of Aayla Mae. She’s an amazing model AND super cool.


“Lorde” (hunt / gather)

Color Pencil on Bristol Paper, A3



The horse man cometh.

P.S It’s my Birthday! Will probably start a new Self-Portrait soon